Accidents can happen around garage doors, and many are preventable. Here are some of the more common types of accidents and what you can do to prevent them.

How to Prevent Accidents Around the Garage

Dozens of accidents happen by the garage door, so you must monitor this area regularly. Many situations typically involve kids, improper usage methods, and faulty mechanisms.


Whenever your kids are playing outside, set rules so that they won’t travel near the garage door. Most kids like to open and close the door like a toy by constantly pressing buttons on the remote. This can lead to a dangerous situation if someone places a limb underneath the door as it shuts. To prevent this problem, always hide the remote in a location where a typical kid can’t reach it.

Usage Problems

Teens and grown-ups usually fail to close a garage door completely after exiting a vehicle. When a door isn’t fully closed, a lot of tension builds up around the spring. If a door remains partially closed for numerous hours, the spring could snap. The spring is a vital component that keeps a door secured; once it’s damaged, the entire door will drop to the ground.

Mechanism Issues

All garage doors are designed with a reversing mechanism. The sensor in this device can detect when something is underneath the door. An accident could happen if dust builds up on the sensor because the particles will affect how the mechanism functions.

You can avoid potential accidents by testing the mechanism. For this task, you’ll need a standard tissue roller. To begin, place the item on the ground underneath the sensor and shut the door. If the door reverses before it touches the roller, the sensor is in good condition. Professional garage repair in Long Beach will be needed if the door doesn’t reverse before dropping onto the tissue roller.