4245732443_7cba85a1d0_zThe internet is an awesome thing! Sites like Pinterest, Google and YouTube have started a DIY revolution. We are becoming more self sufficient and creative and sharing these ideas with our friends and family. What used to take hours flipping through magazines or relying on that guy at the home improvement store for generic advice, can now be handled in the from your sofa and personalized specifically to you! Luckily, there are tons of resources available out there with vast libraries of  DIY solutions at our very fingertips.

One common problem we all seem to have in our homes is a lack of storage areas. This can be especially frustrating when there are obvious, unused spaces that seem just out of reach, like all that dead space above your garage door! It seems like such a perfect space to store seasonal items that need really only get used once in awhile. Camping gear and seasonal sporting equipment, holiday decorations, winter clothes, ladders, the possibilities are vast. And what would be better than additional storage that doesn’t take up any actual floor space! Park your car where it belongs AND store the things your need to store. Sounds like a win-win situation!

There are a lot of methods for creating ceiling storage out there, from die-hard do it yourself set-ups to pre built systems that you can simply install yourself. We’ve found a couple good tutorials to get you off on the right foot.


Built-in Suspended Storage

The Family Handyman DIY website has an excellent photo tutorial on how to build a suspended storage system. This set-up will require some actual tools but shouldn’t cost more than $100 or take more than a day. You can store up to 160 lbs but it recommends trying to use it for mainly seldomly used items.


Slide In Tote System

A simple system that is easy to add to and remove from, this slide in system tutorial will show you how to built a rail structure that will allow you to fill reinforced plastic tote containers and slide them in and out when you need them. Great for organization but this method should be used for only lighter storage items.


Premade Systems

If you don’t quite have the time or handyman skills for building your own storage area, there are always the pre-fabricated options. Check out some of Costco’s storage racks,  affordable and a available in a variety of sizes. Home Depot also has several options for ceiling mounted storage.


Be sure to carefully measure your space before following any tutorials to avoid damaging your garage door and pay special attention to weight limits. And as with all things pertaining to your garage door, we at Precision Door Orange County are always here to be of service. Please give us a call with any questions and for all of your garage door needs!