French Garage Doors, New Openers and Tall Car Garage Options

A new garage door might be necessary if you have a tall car that does not fit in your garage. You may have bought the house when you had a small car, but families grow, you get a bigger car, and it no longer fits. There are some things you can do to make the garage easy to use, such as installing French garage doors, but you must work with a professional to get good results.

Can French Garage Doors Help?

French garage doors open sideways like doors in your home. You can get a special garage door opener that moves these doors, and you will have extra room in the ceiling area. some garage door systems will give you enough room to fit the car inside the garage. However, you may need to change the assembly to fit your car.

Do You Need to Change the Assembly?

You need a better garage door opener, and you will shift the assembly if you change to French doors. Some people even go with a garage door that swings open like a door in the house. You can choose the setup that you like or gives you the most room inside the garage. Also, you must ask the installer to remove your old garage door as you need that room in the ceiling area.

Can You Adjust the Garage Door Opening?

French garage doors are a good first step, but you can make adjustments to the opening of the garage with help from a contractor. Let the contractor cut and adjust the opening to make it taller. When the opening has been corrected, you can bring your garage door professional back to the house for installation. They will fit a door that matches the opening, and you will get a new opener to go with it. You can add a bit of value to the house when you make the garage door opening bigger, and nice doors help make the house look more attractive from the street.