Four Ways to Check If You Need Garage Door Maintenance

You need to maintain your garage door to keep you and your family safe. Keeping your garage can also stop you from having to pay for expensive repairs. There are a couple of safety and maintenance tests that any homeowner can do on their garage door. However, if you don’t feel that you can safely do these tests, contact your local experts in Irvine garage door repair.

Test #1: Reversing Mechanism

You can only do this test on a door with an automatic opener system. First, open your garage door. Lay a large object on the ground in the area where your garage door would meet the floor. Now close the door. Your garage door should reverse when it hits the object. If your door does not reverse, call your local garage door technician.

Test #2: Photo Eye

First, open your garage door. Next, close the door while waving an object in front of the photo eye so that you break its beam. When the beam breaks, your garage door should reverse. If the door doesn’t reverse, close it again. Take a dry cloth and wipe the eyes’ lens with it. If you see that they don’t align, straighten them up. Open your garage door again and do the test once more. If the door still doesn’t reverse, call a technician.

Tests #3 and #4: Force Setting and Door Balance

Open your garage door and then close it again. As it closes, try to prevent the door from lowering to the ground by holding it. If the door doesn’t reverse, let it close. When you have this issue, this means that your door has an excessive closing force. You will need to call a garage repair technician to take care of this problem.

For the door balance test, you’ll need to close your garage door and turn off your automatic opener. Lift the door with your hands. Not only should you be able to lift the door, but it should stay open. If you can’t open your garage door or if it doesn’t stay open, this could mean that your garage door has gotten out of balance.