Navigating Your HOA Rules and Regulations

Most Irvine garage door repair specialists are familiar with the homeowner association guidelines common to the area. They have to be since nearly all visual changes must be made according to those rules or receive special permission. The wisdom that one should ask for forgiveness not permission is simply bad advice in this context and a recipe for trouble.

Use Current HOA Guidelines

HOA rules must by law be distributed to homeowners annually. Make sure that the document you have is dated for the current year. You can get a current version through your HOA, and many even have the document available for download via their websites. If you’ve never read these guidelines fully, do so now. If you have, then review the changes that have occurred since that initial reading.

Check with Your Neighbors

Your HOA guidelines should clearly establish the theme for your neighborhood. Some changes, such as an upgrade to decorative garage door panels, may seem to be in a gray area. In that case, check with your neighbors first. Any HOA approvals usually go through the closest neighbors first, and their reaction to your plans will give you an idea if going through the HOA approval process is worth it.

Complete Your Application Thoroughly

If changes to any garage doors on a detached or attached garage are required, then fill out the application exhaustively. Don’t leave any area unfilled or any question unanswered. Have at least one company conduct a written estimate for the work you want done. Include it with the application along with any relevant product images, sketches, measurements and so forth.

Dealing with Rejection

It’s important that your proposed changes be consistent with the style, color and other aspects of the community’s architecture. When you receive a rejection, the HOA must provide the reasons. If you’ve made an effort to be consistent and maintain visual harmony, then it should only require some subtle changes and a re-submission of your application to get the upgrade you desire.