Irvine garage door repair technicians are often expected to be a lot more technologically savvy than they once were. The days of basic roll-up garage doors are gone, and modern garages are often computerized and quite sophisticated. Modern garage doors can even detect bicycles and other obstructions to avoid damage. Some of the best convenience and security features can be added to your garage just by installing apps on your phone.

Maintenance Notifications

Modern garage doors often have a diagnostics chip on-board. Such chips can detect problems and wear and even recognize potential issues based on performance deviations. Accessing such information once required specialized equipment that only repair technicians had. Nowadays, you install a mobile app that you link with a manufacturer code a lot like linking a TV remote. When problems are detected, the app sends you a notification with often detailed information about what’s wrong.

Remote Open and Close

Garage door remotes were among the earliest forms of home automation, and now you no longer even need a remote. As long as your opener supports the feature, there are many branded and universal apps that can interface with it. If your opener doesn’t support it, there are relatively inexpensive add-on kits that you can purchase to give it that functionality.

Remote and Programmable Locking

If you ever get to work only to remember you forgot to lock the garage door, remote lock lets you correct that mistake with just a button press. Better yet, you can program the door to close and lock automatically at a set time so you don’t have to worry about it.

Live Video Feeds

Having your garage be a connected part of your smart home even lets you view video feeds from a surveillance camera mounted within the garage. You can access these feeds via your local Wi-Fi or even over the Internet. Know precisely why a motion sensor has tripped or what exactly is obstructing the doors from closing.