uneven garage driveway

Fixing an Uneven Garage Driveway Approach

It’s normal for driveways made out of concrete or asphalt to begin to sink a little. However, those living within areas where heavy rainfall or extreme heat is a factor, then you’re likely to see that happen at a much faster rate. Repairs should begin immediately if you notice that your driveway is about 4 to 5 inches below the entrance to your garage. Failure to do so can lead to damages such as overflooding and uneven foundations within other parts of the home. The following includes the steps needed to repair your uneven garage driveway.

Remove the Sunken Area to Fix an Uneven Garage Driveway

The very first thing you need to do is remove the problem area. Removing the sunken area of your driveway will help you concentrate on the correct part of your driveway. This can be accomplished by using a circular saw and setting it on its maximum cutting depth. It should be noted that it is imperative that you remove all leftover concrete as this can cause issues with the foundation later on.

Cold Patching for Asphalt

After you’ve made sure that all the leftover material is out of the hole, then it is time to begin adding cold patching material. This type of material can be found within almost any home improvement store. Using a square-blade shovel, begin to level off the material as much as possible in order to meet the level of the existing driveway. If your garage door has been damaged from the driveway’s unevenness, it is important to have a garage door service in Orange County come in and fix any issues.

Leveling Off

Once the cold patching material is laid out, then you can begin to test its evenness. This can be done by placing a 2×4 on top of the area and driving over it with your car. This will help to level off any uneven areas of the material.