drainage issues in garage

Find the Source of Your Garage Drainage Issues

Although you may not think about it as much as your kitchen or restroom drains, the fact is that the garage drain tends to get a lot of abuse. Dogs, car fluids, and everything in between all will take a toll on the pipes below. So, what happens when you suddenly start having garage drainage issues? The following includes a list of steps you can take to find the source of the problem.

Sewer Lines Causing Drainage Issues

One of the first things you want to think about is your sewer lines. Although these don’t only lead to your garage drain, you will likely see issues with this particular drain first. This is because clogged lines will manifest issues first within the lowest drain in the home, which is usually in the garage. A clogged sewer line may also give off strange gurgling sounds.

Frozen Pipes

Homeowners living within locations that experience harsh winters can tell you that you’re likely to have drainage issues during the peak winter months. This is because the pipes will tend to freeze overnight. Other issues that may cause your drainage to freeze is water entering and draining through the garage door. Thus, it is important to have a Huntington Beach garage door repair company come in and repair any gaps.


If you tend to wash your vehicle within your garage, then you’re likely to be draining out a lot of soap. The issue here is that if the pipes are not properly washed out, the soap chemicals that are left behind will tend to begin to crystallize. Over time, it can begin to be simply too much, and thus, clogging occurs. Only a professional with the right tools can come in and clean the pipe out.