Three Tips for a Successful Garage Door Installation Day

The installation of a new garage door is a proud moment as a homeowner. The new door is certain to give your home a big boost in aesthetic appeal. The door will also enhance the functionality of your garage. Use these three tips to make sure that you have a successful garage door installation day.

Prepare the Garage

On the day that a garage door is to be installed, take a few moments to prepare the garage. Get your vehicles out of the garage so the installation team has space to work. If your garage is attached to your home, lock the door between the house and garage. This helps to ensure that pets and children do not get in the way of the installers.

Check the Remote Openers

After the door is installed, check the functionality of the remote openers. You might want to see how far away from your home the door can be opened. Be sure to have the technicians assist you in updating the security settings of the opener if it does not automatically change its pass code with each time the door is opened or closed. If you are using the same opener for a new door, have the technicians check the remote’s response time.

Test the Door

Before the installation technicians leave, be sure to test the door several times. Drive your car in and out of the garage. Listen and familiarize yourself with the typical sounds of the door’s opener. Knowing what it sounds like when it works properly will help you to pick out any unusual sounds that might indicate a need for repairs in the future. Also, test the safety features of the door to make sure that it will automatically reverse if something is in the path of the door.