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How to Release and Reset the Emergency Cord on a Garage Door

Every now and again, you may find yourself needing to manually control your garage door. Whether you have a power outage, or your controller isn’t functioning properly, this simple task only requires a few steps. At Precision Door, we want to ensure you are able to use your garage door to it’s full capacity, safely, and without damaging your door. Here is a quick guide to using your emergency release cord from our Irvine garage door repair team.

Step 1

Ensure Garage Door is Closed

*Never attempt to disengage your garage door opener while in the open position. Doing so could release the door causing it to crash down quickly, possibly causing bodily harm or harm to the door itself. If, for some reason, your door has become stuck while in the open position, we highly recommend contacting Precision Door to help you find a quick solution.

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Step 2

Pull the Red Emergency Release Cord

The emergency release cord is attached to the door trolley, which is the piece that stays with the garage door. Pulling the red release cord will disengage the trolley from the opener carriage, the part that is moved by the motor along the rail. Once these two parts are separate, you can move your garage door manually. If you intend to leave your door in the manual setting, pull the red cord backward, towards the motor. This will ensure that the trolley does not reconnect to the carrier.

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Step 3

Close Garage Door

When you are done manually moving your garage door, be sure it is left in the closed position. This will ensure the safekeeping of the door as well as prepare it for re-engagement with the opener carriage.

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Step 4

Reconnect Garage Door to Motor

When you are ready to reconnect your door, pull the emergency cord toward the door to put the spring lever of the trolley in the connect position and allow it to attach to the carrier. From here you can manually move the garage door along the rail to meet with the carrier or use your garage door opener and it will connect automatically. With either method, you should hear a loud click when the door is reconnected.

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More About Irvine Garage Door Repair

For a demonstration of how to reset your garage door, please watch our YouTube video, “How To Open Your Garage Door Manually.” If you have any problems or if your garage door needs repair, please contact Precision Door of Orange County by filling out an online form or calling 888-347-0706. Don’t spend another day with a broken or faulty garage door. Contact Precision Door Service of Orange County and let one of our trained technicians provide you with a free quote.

Updated 6/9/21