garage door not working in need of professional repairs

5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Professional Repairs

The garage door is one of the most used items in the home, but it’s also one of the most neglected. In fact, reports state that a homeowner and his or her family will use their garage door over 1,500 times a year. This means that it’s likely that something is going to break or become loose along the way. Thus, the following includes five signs your Long Beach garage door may need some professional repairs.

Loud Metallic Sounds May Require Professional Repairs

A garage door is usually not the quietest piece of equipment, but it should never sound so loud that the entire house can hear it. Therefore, if you begin to hear loud metallic sounds as you open or close your door, then it’s likely that something is wrong with your tracking system. Repairs to the tracking system may be needed as the door’s weight may be too much for the tracks to handle, and that, in itself, creates a hazardous situation.

Uneven Garage Door

If you close your door one day and notice that some light is coming from the bottom, you may have an uneven door. This is usually attributed to the cables running along the door. If you’re not exercised in this area, balancing the cables properly may take some work. Thus, it is recommended to bring in a company to perform a garage repair in Long Beach to ensure that it is properly fixed.

Door Moves Too Slowly/Quickly

Noticing the garage door moving too fast or slowly? You may have an issue with the tension springs. These springs are located on either the top or side of your garage door and help move it up and down safely. Note that only a professional should handle these as they can be very dangerous.

Motor Working But Door Won’t Move

A working motor and a non-moving door may be an indication that something is wrong with one of the rollers. Either they have cracked, or they have come off the tracks. Although this is an easy fix, if you notice multiple rollers off their tracks then it is important to bring in a professional rather than tackling it yourself.

High Electric Bill

Seeing a high electric bill could mean many things, but one of the areas that may be raising your bill is the garage door opener. Thus, it is important to bring in a professional to inspect the motor and see if it’s working properly.