Different Types of Victorian Garage Doors

Victorian garage doors can add a classic touch to your home. Because they are available in many colors and styles, it’s easy for you to find the perfect complement to your current home construction and design.

Garage Door Styles

The four most common types of garage doors are roll-up, side hinge, side-sliding and tilt-up. Which type you choose depends on how you want it to look and how you want to access your garage.

  • Roll-up doors roll up and retract into your garage.
  • Side hinge doors open from the center and open to either side.
  • Side-sliding doors slide or roll to the side to open.
  • Tilt-up doors are usually solid panels that lift to either provide a canopy outside your garage or retract into the interior.

What Colors Are Victorian Garage Doors?

The traditional Victorian palette of colors consists of a variety of muted colors. Deep, dark shades of reds, browns and greens were commonly used. The contrast of lighter hues with darker colors provides a contrast that is pleasing to the eye.

The variety of colors combined with different styles makes for almost limitless combinations of garage doors. It’s important to find a new garage door that works with your home design and intended use so you choose the color and type that is best for you.