How Your Garage Door Gets Damaged and What to Do

Eventually, your garage door is going to experience some damage. However, there are steps you can take to increase its life span and save money over time. These tips will help you understand how to take care of a garage door.

How Weather Damage Affects Your Garage Door

The weather can cause significant damage to your garage. Rain can lead to moisture and mold in wooden garage doors. Cold temperatures can cause damage to rollers, and frost can buildup on your garage door in wintertime. Summer heat may cause wooden material to expand and warp. If you want to avoid these issues, you should consider a new paint job. The painting over your garage door can improve durability to weather conditions.

Damage From Vehicles

A vehicle can bump into your garage door and cause significant damage. When you open your garage, make sure the door is up before driving away. The size of your car will affect how much damage your vehicle will cause. If you have a large truck, a single bump could cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. A small car or motorcycle will probably dent the garage door, but the repair costs are low. To prevent the need for repairs when leaving or entering your garage, you should buy a metal garage door replacement. Metallic materials will endure more bumps from cars, and you can add new rollers to improve its motion.

Pest and Other Issues

Pest can also interfere with your garage door. Rodents will chew on wood, and other animals can damage the rollers. You should check your garage for signs of bite marks or other issues. If you see any damage, consider professional repair. In Huntington Beach, garage door repair services can help you fix your garage door.