DIY or Call a Repairman? Garage Door Fixes

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your investment is well-taken care of. This means fixing any potential issues before they get out of hand. One of the most problematic areas for homeowners is the garage door. This is due to the fact that homeowners use it the most. However, before you go on with a DIY garage door repair, you must make sure you understand which repairs you can do and which should be left to the repairman option.

Repairs to DIY

When you’re going through your garage door checklist you might see a few items that can be easily taken care of with your home tools. But do you really know which seem easy enough for your garage door maintenance and which are actually much more complicated? Here are a few things you can do on your own. The rattling of your garage door as it lowers and lifts can mean that you have some loose bolts. This is a common and issue and one that can be done by yourself. Simply located the loose bolts and tighten them with your power tools. Lubrication is another task that can be done on your own. Lubricating your garage door will prevent those annoying screeching sounds as well as prevent further damage. Other easier tasks to DIY are changing batteries on your lifting device and adding a waterproof seal on the bottom of your door to prevent pests and water from coming in.

Repairs for Professionals

When it comes to things that should be left to a Long Beach garage door repair company, spring and cords are number one on the list. This is because if you don’t know what you’re doing, these cords can easily either snap and hurt you or release the garage door which would then fall on you. In terms of technology, the openers should only be opened and inspected by a professional. Sensitive and complicated electrical components can be dangerous and very expensive if not done right.