Alternatives to Attached Garages

While attached garages are the traditional residential garage spaces, they aren’t the only kind. In fact, most Anaheim garage door repair companies do a lot more than just work on attached garages. With that in mind, here is a look at four alternatives that can give you the space and protection you need.

Detached Garages

A detached garage is the obvious alternative and is actually an approach that many homebuyers and builders prefer. Attached garages need to conform to the main home and can present some problems. If an attached garage is uninsulated, for instance, then it can make the home less energy efficient. The detached approach gives you more flexibility when it comes to square footage and location on your property. Studies have indicated better curb appeal and resale value as well.


Sheds are a popular alternative. They are similar to detached garages but tend to be smaller and are available prefab. Prefab kits tend to save a lot of money, and the pros can have them up in just a few hours or less. There are sheds large enough to fit a vehicle or even two, and these large sheds usually include a traditional garage door.


If you just want some additional projection for a vehicle or two, then a carport is an intriguing option. Carports range from prefab kits that can be up in an hour to beautiful handmade designs. It can keep you and your car dry as well as give you some extra space for trashcans, a grill, a picnic table and so on.

Awnings, Tents and Covers

An awning can be a viable alternative to a carport if you just lack the necessary space. A tent is a good alternative to a shed if you want something temporary and less expensive. Car covers are perhaps the most inexpensive choice and can easily be replaced as needed.