garage door design orange county

When the garage doors are a huge part of your home’s exterior, it’s vital that the view from the street is adding to your curb appeal. Plain doors do nothing for the appeal of your home.

Design Style

When choosing the garage door to fit with your home, you should be choosing one that complements the style of the home. If your home is contemporary, you’ll want to choose a window and panel design that fits with the exterior of the home.

Types of Garage Doors

There are basically four basic types of doors. You’ll be able to pick the ones that swing out, swing up, roll up or slide to the left or right. When you’re going for a certain design-style, the choices are based on what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, a barn-style garage will need a sliding barn door or carriage house-style door.

Door Materials

Wood Garage Doors

Doors made of wood add a bit of charm and style to a home that other materials can only hope to imitate. They can take a bit of abuse, but on the downside, they are going to need regular maintenance along with frequent painting and refinishing especially in areas near the ocean.

Steel Doors

While steel needs less maintenance than wood, it does need some upkeep to keep it looking great. Steel can rust over time. This can be a concern near the water, but as long as it’s sealed properly, that isn’t a common problem.


This material is lightweight while being tough and rust-proof. Some of the less expensive options have other materials in the frames like polyethylene, which makes it extremely light.

Safety Concerns


Doors that roll up in a mechanism can pinch where they fold. Pinch-resistant designs have the ability to push fingers out of the fold when they’re opening. It helps avoid serious accidents with the garage door.

Tamper-Resistant Brackets

These types of brackets help reduce the risk of injury due to door components being under pressure from the tension of the door itself. When choosing the design of your garage door, it should fit in with the style of the home as well as being a safe and low-maintenance part of the home’s curb appeal.