Risks of Garage Door Springs That Have Become Worn

Garage Door Springs are an important component in any garage door due to the fact that they are necessary for the opening and closing of the door. These springs are designed to last for a lengthy period of time but can become worn with age. When a spring becomes too worn and breaks, it’s possible for the door to fall, which can be very dangerous. Understanding more about the risks that are associated with the failure of garage door springs is the first step towards having them repaired or replaced.

Why These Springs Are Dangerous

There are two varieties of door springs that include extension springs and torsion springs. Both work due to the application of a high amount of tension when closing the door. This tension is stored until the door opens, which is why it’s so easy for the door to open when you press the remote button. Because these springs are under consistent pressure, the wearing down and eventual breaking of the springs can be dangerous and potentially violent.

Causes of Garage Door Springs Failure

There are a variety of reasons as to why the springs in your garage door start to fail, the primary of which is age. Given the fact that the springs are under constant pressure, they will become worn the longer the door is in use. It’s also possible for rust and corrosion to develop on the springs if you don’t have them maintained regularly, both of which cause the springs to lessen in quality.

Additional Dangers Brought About by Worn Springs

When the springs become worn down, it’s possible for them to break completely. If this occurs, the remainder of your garage door could become damaged. It’s also possible for a person to become injured if the door falls or the spring shoots out of place. If you believe that the springs within your garage door are starting to become worn, you should consider Orange County garage door repair services in order to fix the issue.