Advantages of a Wi-Fi-Based Garage Door Opener

The garage door repair in Orange County homeowners and businesses require is becoming increasingly sophisticated. A big reason for this is that many people are choosing garage door openers that support Wi-Fi when it comes time to upgrade or replace. Connection to a local network and even the Internet allows for many great features and options.

No Physical Remote Needed

The days of misplacing your garage remote can be behind you. The days of maintaining a physical remote in your vehicle or in your purse or briefcase no longer have to be a thing. An advantage to Wi-Fi is that it allows for an interface that many other devices already support. Open and close your garage with just a tap or swipe on your smartphone by installing an app. With connection to the Internet, you can ensure your garage is closed or receive alerts from any connected device anywhere.

In-Vehicle Access to the System

In fact, Wi-Fi-connected devices like garage door openers are becoming so prevalent that automobile manufacturers are integrating solutions such as HomeLink. Your vehicle may support it natively or you can force support through a compatibility bridge. In this scenario, you don’t even need an app and can program the door to open as your vehicle approaches.

Smart Home Integration

Many homeowners are moving beyond basic smart home features toward the Internet of Things. The IoT in one sense is what allows different aspects of a home to communicate with each other and provide instructions based on that contact. Imagine a scenario in which a home alarm system receives the arm command and queries your garage door to ensure that it’s closed and locked.

Sophisticated Security Features

Most residential thefts are crimes of opportunity, and a leading cause of those opportunities is a garage door that’s been left open or unlocked. Wi-Fi makes your garage more secure in multiple ways. It can receive commands from other devices, including an alarm system. It can receive commands from you as well as report its status, and it can even send push notifications when activated.