Three Common Garage Door Issues

Technology is great–until it’s not. A garage door, like anything else, can malfunction. Most are minor issues, but sometimes it can be major issues that will require you to search for Irvine garage door repair services. Here are three common issues you may encounter with your garage door.

Common Garage Door Issues Involving Openers

This is probably the number one issue you’ll encounter with your garage door. Manual door openers may simply need some lubrication. Remote garage door openers might just need some new batteries. In most cases the problem is something simple, however if these solutions don’t work, it’s time to call a professional.

Openings or Gaps in the Insulating Liner

The garage door liner may not be directly essential to the operating of the garage door, but it’s important because it keeps out water, light, noise, extreme temperatures, and more. You may be able to fix it with a sealant glue or you may be able to replace it with another liner.

The Garage Door Won’t Stay Closed or Open

There could be a number of reasons that your garage door won’t stay open or stay closed. It could be damaged or broken springs, or the photo-eye could be misaligned. These are easy fixes. However, if these things aren’t the problem, it may be something a little more serious and you may need to let a professional handle it.