Installing a garage door is no easy task. If you try to do it yourself, here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid.

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Installing Their Garage Doors

People often consider garage door installation as something that they can do themselves. However, there’s more to installing a garage door than meets the eye. To ensure proper installation, you should consider looking for those who specialize in garage door installations in Orange County. If you want to attempt it yourself, here are some common mistakes that most homeowners make when trying to install a garage door without professional help.

Failing to Plot Out the Interior of the Garage

Installing a garage door takes a lot of planning. This doesn’t just mean picking out a garage door that looks good on the outside of your house. It also means picking a position for your garage door that works well with the interior of your garage. You need to take all of your fixtures and wiring into account. Many homeowners make the mistake of putting outlets and fixtures right in the middle of their ceilings, which is the same place where the garage door motor should be installed.

Installing the Motor Off-Center

Probably the biggest mistake that homeowners make is installing the door motor off-center. It’s a common misconception that installing it off-center provides more room for obstructions. However, garage door motors are designed to be aligned with the center of the garage door. Installing it off-center can make the door twist while opening, which leads to damage. Properly lining up the garage door motor with the center of the door is one of the most important steps to having it installed.


If you hire a contractor to install a garage door, you will notice that they make small but important adjustments to the door after installation. This Includes adjusting the lift mechanism until the gasket seal on the garage door reaches the floor. Most homeowners don’t make this adjustment, which allows air to leak through the bottom of the door. This will prevent your garage door from being energy efficient as well as cause other problems.