Following are some helpful tips on how to keep the garage clean. From cleaning up clutter to tackling the floors, you can learn about different aspects of a garage cleanup.

Spic and Span: Tips for Cleaning Your Garage

Whether it’s the start of spring, the beginning of the year, or just a dirty garage, the time may come where you will need to get your garage clean. It’s always a good idea to keep garage maintenance at the front of your mind, so this blog post will discuss ways to clean different areas of your garage.

Cleaning the Floors and Clutter

Over the course of many years, unused items accumulate in the corners of your garage. Pick one day and take everything out of the garage. Look at each item and determine if you have used it in the past 2 or 3 years. If you see no future use for the item, toss it or sell it at a garage sale. Safely dispose of toxic items like batteries and old paint.

After a while, garage floors tend to get incredibly grimy. While your garage is empty, take the time to sweep and wash your floors.

Your Garage Door

Before you start putting your stuff back into your garage, inspect your garage doors and its opening mechanism. Look for wear and tear, such as worn out garage door springs and rails. Open your garage door a couple of times to see if the system works as it should.

Test the garage’s safety system by placing a roll of paper towels under your garage door. Make sure that it is out of the line of the sensors. If the door reverses, the system is fine.

You can also take the opportunity to lubricate some of the garage door parts. Take a lubricant spray and apply it to hinges, rollers, and tracks to keep everything functioning. Do this activity a couple of times a year. If you see something amiss, call Orange County garage repair services. Door repair companies can send technicians to fix any problems you may experience with your garage parts.

Putting Items Back in Your Garage

Replenish your garage in phases. Put similar items in the same area. For example, Christmas decorations can all go in one place. Keep your tools safe and organized with cabinets, peg boards, and shelving. Label any and all boxes.