Homeowners with large garages can opt for multiple single doors or one extended door, and there are pros and cons to both approaches.

Single Versus Double Door Garages

Just because you have two single garage doors now or one extended door doesn’t mean you’re locked into that choice. When it comes time to upgrade or replace, transitions are very much an option and often don’t add to the cost in a significant way. Double and extended doors offer several advantages, including aesthetics, more clearance and lower installation costs.

Greater Clearance and an Attractive Look

One reason many homeowners prefer an extended door is because it tends to make the home look larger. It also provides additional space for premium wood doors to really shine. There’s also the matter of clearance, and whether you move a large boat in and out or just like the added convenience, driving through a double-doored area can be much easier.

Installation and Repair Costs

Extended doors are often less expensive than two single doors of similar construction that span the same width. Of course, that can be offset to some degree in that double garage door repair can be more expensive. A service providing garage repair in Long Beach has to deal with the added weight and may need additional manpower, for instance.

The Garage Door Opener

Your current garage door opener is another consideration. Your current system likely won’t be compatible if you transition to either single or double doors, and a new opener can increase costs significantly. If you need a new opener, the difference is often a wash. Extended doors require a more powerful system, but double doors often require two systems or a dual system.

Single Doors Allow for a Pedestrian Door

If you have a large garage, then one of the best arguments for multiple single doors is to provide the room for a pedestrian door. Such doors are more convenient than side doors, and if you lack any pedestrian door, they can save a lot of wear and tear on your door springs and the opener.