Best Garage Doors for Beachfront Homes

Owning a home within a coastal environment is often the dream of many. However, if there is anything that a new homeowner of a beachfront home should know is that maintaining a regular and seaside home is very different. The ocean doesn’t only contain salt; it also spreads it around the coastal area. Thus, the salt content within the air makes its way to your garage. Since garage doors are made out of metal, they are more prone to corrosion. So, in order to save you some money and time, here are the best garage doors for your beachfront home.

Aluminum Doors for Beachfront Garages

If affordability is important to you, then choosing an aluminum door may be the best route to take. Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, which puts less strain on your motor. In addition, aluminum doors can also provide you with that rust-free benefit that is needed when you are living next to the sea. The only downside is when you need garage door repair Irvine. Because they are often one sheet, they will need to be replaced in its entirety in the event that it’s severely damaged.

GRP Garage Doors

GRP garage doors or fiberglass material garage doors, for short, are an alternative to aluminum. This is because GRP garage doors are rust-resistant and are known to be very strong. If you drive down a coastal neighborhood, you will notice that most homes do, in fact, have GRP garage doors. A very noticeable downside is that they are very poor insulators. Meaning that when temperatures dip down severely, the garage door can begin to crack. However, even with this negative many still prefer to go with GRP doors due to their relatively maintenance-free lifetime and affordability.