Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Garage doors are a common feature on residential homes and allow access to the garage when you need to store items or keep your vehicle secured in an enclosed space. Garage doors are extremely durable but are prone to wearing down over time. As a homeowner, there are a few reasons your garage door may not open.

Power Source Issues

Power source issues are often the main cause of a garage door that won’t open easily. Check to see that the motor is plugged in and examine the circuit breaker. If the garage door opener runs off of a battery, consider replacing it. A sign that the battery is running low is if it only opens when you’re in close range of the device but won’t open when you’re in the driveway. You can also attempt to reprogram the remote to reset it. You may also notice that the motor is running, which can mean that the door is working properly but that it may be locked.

The Torsion Springs are Broken

Torsion springs are prone to breaking over time and can create a significant amount of noise once they pop off. Hire a professional to perform the garage door repairs and avoid opening the door, which can be dangerous and may result in an injury. The right tools will be needed to replace the springs to ensure that the door can continue to operate well. Keep the new springs lubricated once they’re installed. If the springs continue to break, you may need to schedule garage door installation in Orange County.

The Door is Off the Track

In some cases, the garage door may fall off of the tracks after it’s been opened and closed thousands of times, which can cause it to malfunction. Look for bumps, gaps, and obstacles that can cause it to not function properly. You may also notice that the tracks make noise or the door becomes stuck when you attempt to open or close the door.