Reasons Why Your Garage Door Could Leave the Tracks

No matter which materials your garage door is made from, these doors are designed to be durable and long-lasting. There are times, however, when the door could become damaged or even come off the tracks that allow it to open properly. In the event that this occurs, you may need to consider Huntington Beach garage door repair services if you want the problem to be fixed properly. By knowing the causes for garage doors coming off their tracks, you can prepare for such a situation or obtain maintenance services that will spot the problem before it worsens.

Brunt Force to the Door

One of the more common causes for a garage door coming off its tracks is by hitting the door with your car or motorcycle. A hefty amount of brunt force can cause the door to shift off the tracks, particularly when driving heavier vehicles. Even if the damage doesn’t appear to be extensive, there are hardly any visual cues that will tell you that the door has come off its tracks, which is why you should request repair services if ever you back your vehicle into the door.

Misaligned Tracks

If the horizontal tracks in your garage door aren’t aligned properly with the vertical rails, the brackets will vibrate every time you open or close the door. Over time, these vibrations will cause the tracks to become further misaligned and possibly cause the rollers to be lifted off the tracks. These misalignment problems could be caused by installation issues or loose bolts situated around the brackets.

Rollers Wearing Down

Over time, the rollers in your garage door will invariably wear down and break. When one or two of these rollers break and no longer work as they should, more pressure will be placed on the other rollers. As the strain continues, more rollers will break and cause the door to come off its rails. To avoid this problem, consider obtaining regular maintenance.