Repairing Damage From Automotive Grease on a Garage Door

Many people use their garages to do work on their cars, motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles. All of that handiwork could result in grease spills. The viscous grease often spreads far beyond where it was intended to go, sometimes getting on the garage door, its tracks or other components. If this happens, it is important to schedule a garage door repair in Irvine.

Identify the Greasy Substance

When you notice that there is grease on a part of your garage door, try to identify the type of grease. Knowing the substance and its ingredients could help a garage door technician with determining how to go about removing it safely. It will also help with minimizing damage to the door as the grease is being removed.

Determine the Extent of the Damage

Look around at all parts of the garage door and its opener, laser eye, and tracks. The grease may have splashed onto multiple parts of the garage door. It is important that all of the automotive grease be removed from the places where it does not belong. If you bumped the garage door with the vehicle or other equipment, also check for dents, punctures, and holes.

Call for Repairs

Wiping the grease off or applying a product to remove grease could result in more damage to the garage door’s tracks, opening system or panels. It is best to call a technician to come and take a look. If you still have a container of the automotive lubricant, save it to show the technician. This will help the technician to choose the most appropriate product to remove the grease and repair the garage door’s finish, panels, and tracks if they are damaged.