When to Repair or Replace Garage Door Panels

The panels on a garage door can become damaged very quickly and without any forewarning. Whether a large storm recently rolled through or you accidentally hit the front of your garage door with your vehicle, you’ll likely want to have your door fixed quickly so that it can open and close without issue. While it’s possible that your door will need to be replaced altogether if the damage is significant, there’s a chance that the damage was small enough to warrant the repair or replacement of a single panel.

Repairing or Replacing Single Garage Door Panels

If the damage to a panel on your garage door is minor, it’s possible that repair work is all that would be required to get the door looking brand new. Minor dents and scratches on the paint job can usually be repaired without needing to replace a single panel. If the dent or damage is somewhat more severe, you could look into replacing the panel. However, door panels are measured and designed to match a specific door, which means that a replacement could adversely affect the overall quality and function of the door. While replacing door panels makes for a quick and inexpensive fix, it’s important that the replacement panel is somewhat similar to the one that’s being replaced.

Contacting a Repair Company to Repair a Panel

When you want to have your door panel repaired as opposed to replacing it altogether, there are many options for garage door repair in Orange County. You’ll want to be certain that the company you choose has experience with repairing garage door panels. It’s also important that this company has a strong reputation and that their technicians are experienced. Before any work is completed, ask the company you select for a damage assessment.

Information to Provide a Dealer When Replacing Panel

When you’re ordering a new replacement panel for your garage door, the dealer that you speak to will need to know some information about the door. This information includes the model of your door, the size of the panel that needs to be replaced, which section of the door the panel is located at, and the panel color.