Common Problems with Garage Door Springs in Long Beach

Self-repair isn’t always best when it comes to some of the issues that can affect garage doors, especially anything involving springs. Spring repair typically involves one of three issues. The springs themselves may be damaged or worn. Cables that connect the springs may require attention. And sometimes adjustments to springs are necessary. In order to operate, springs need to maintain a high level of tension, which means it’s best to call on local technicians for garage repair in Long Beach involving springs.

Garage Door Spring Adjustments

Garage door repair often involves adjustments to the springs. This is only possible if springs aren’t broken or damaged. Adjustments can be made to the extension springs next to the overhead door track with cables and pulleys attached or the torsion springs mounted over the door. It’s torsion springs that need to be carefully adjusted to avoid injury. If the springs don’t need adjusting but the door still isn’t being properly supported, one of the supporting cables may be broken or loose.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken garage springs cannot be repaired. When one spring is broken, the others should be replaced at the same time since wear on all springs is fairly even, so the others will likely fail in the near future. Signs of a broken garage door spring are usually obvious, with the spring typically clearly snapped. Springs that are extensively damaged or rusted should also be replaced.

Know When It’s Time to Call a Professional

While some problems with a garage door can be safely tackled by homeowners in Long Beach, this is rarely the case with anything involving garage springs. Few homeowners have the tools or experience required to safely remove and replace springs. Even if it’s only adjustments that need to be made, it’s best to request assistance from a trained technician.