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Why Call a Long Beach Garage Door Repair Technician for Rust?

You may be wondering how you can improve the look of your home and improve curb appeal. Having a nice-looking garage door can improve the appearance of your house’s exterior. A rusty garage door can take away from your home’s curb appeal. It may also pose a safety issue because a rusty door compromises the barrier that a garage door offers. You may want to contact a technician for Long Beach garage door repair services to address the issues that come with a rusty door.

Consider Your Environment for Long Beach Garage Door Repair

If you live near the ocean, the salt in the air could cause premature wear to the garage door. Even if the paint is of the highest quality, the harsh sunlight that comes from living in a desert can break down the paint on the garage door. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of snowfall, the salt used to remove ice from the roads can affect your garage door.

Garage door technicians encounter these issues all the time. It may not even be rust on the door. Yellow and white birch trees can leave stains that look like rust both in the spring and the fall. Pollen may also cause stains. These can be easily washed away.

Quality of Paint for the Garage Door

If you notice some rust stains, there may be an issue with the paint. Most garage door manufacturers will apply a primer. Another layer of paint is added. The metal in the garage door should already have built-in rust protection.

The metal garage doors usually have a mixture of steel and zinc which makes them rust-resistant. The Association of North American Garage Door Manufacturers (DASMA)has their member follow guidelines for protection against rust.

Reasons Your Garage Door May Be Rusting

Your garage door may start to rust if it wasn’t repainted. If you have an older garage door, it may be that it was not repainted properly. It could be that the garage door was not repainted by a professional. In order to figure out the situation, you may have to figure out the actions that were taken before painting and the type of paint that was used.

Regardless of the fact that your garage door was galvanized, no coat of paint is going to fix a damaged surface. Any scrapes that are present on the garage door surface will remove the protection that the paint job gives. Punctures in the door will also cause rust to form within the door. If your garage door is damaged in any way, its built-in protection could be compromised.

Things to Consider When Removing Rust

When removing rust from the garage door, it is important that all the rust is removed and a protective coating is added. Your garage door will continue to be exposed to the outdoor elements. Therefore, a protective coat is necessary. If all the rust is not removed or the door remains unprotected from precipitation, the rust problem will continue.

A professional garage door technician is aware of this. They will, therefore, have the right tools for removing rust from the garage door. A technician will also add the necessary protection to prevent the garage door from rusting again.

Steps That Go Into Long Beach Garage Door Repair Rust Removal

It is not enough to buy a wire brush and scrape away the rust. Removing rust involves using a variety of sandpaper. It also means using a rust neutralizer and applying coats of paint that are rust-resistant. The process could take a while. A professional can do it in a few hours.

Safety Gear Is Required

Rust particles go into the air when you remove them from the garage door. These particles can act as an irritant to your eyes. They may even irritate your throat causing you to cough. A professional technician will have the right gear to safely remove the rust.

There May Be a Bigger Problem That Needs Professional Long Beach Garage Door Repair

When you call your garage door technician, they usually make a full assessment of the garage door before starting to address the rust. They may notice some other issues with your garage door. If there is rust on your door, there may be rust in other areas.

Your technician can do some maintenance on the garage door while removing the rust. They may clean and oil certain areas that need some TLC. The technician may have to replace certain moving parts to your garage door. It may also be possible that the rust on the garage door is so severe, the technician will have to replace it altogether.

The Wrap Up

Many factors go into repairing a rusty garage door. You will have to figure out if it has been repainted. You will also have to figure out the kind of paint that was used. Sanding and adding a protective layer are necessary for addressing rust. There are tools and gear that are necessary for fixing the issue. Your rust problem may be bigger than you think.

A technician can provide all of these things. They can also incorporate your annual maintenance service while addressing the rust problem. If the rust problem cannot be solved, your garage door technician can replace the door.