Efficient lighting around a garage can boost curb appeal and brighten dark areas along a driveway. If you want to upgrade your landscape with a practical lighting solution, several important things must be considered.

How to Pick Lighting for a Garage Driveway

Solar lights can strategically highlight key designer elements that are found around a garage door. However, to make your garage a focal point after the sun sets, you must buy proper fixtures that suit the layout of your lighting landscape.

General Solar Light Information

Before you go out and buy solar lights, you must fully understand how they function. Within each unit, there are photovoltaic cells that absorb energy from the sun during the day. This energy gradually charges the battery that powers the cells throughout the night. Because sunlight is vital, you’ll need to place all of the solar lights in strategic spots where the sun shines for at least eight hours each day.

Solar Lighting Options

If you’d like to illuminate a path that’s far away from your garage, consider investing in path lights. Decorative solar lights aren’t as bright as path lights, so they work well on a typical landscape that needs an ambient effect. If the decorative units and lights aren’t bright enough, you may want to invest in solar spotlights instead.

Key Considerations

When picking a solar light, inspect the size of the bulb. The intensity of the light is influenced by the shape of the bulb. This means that you’ll need big bulbs in order to illuminate a large landscape after Orange County garage installation procedures have been implemented to provide your lighting solution.