garage security cameras mounted on a tall post

Top Three Garage Security Cameras

There are many types of security cameras available, but this variety can also be an issue. Many newcomers don’t know which is best for their needs. This is especially true with a specific type of security, such as garage security cameras. This will cover three of the best types of security cameras that you can choose to keep your garage safe. Depending on the camera, this may also help you catch someone if they steal from you or do any damage. This can be helpful with insurance if you need Anaheim garage door repair after an incident.

Live Garage Security Cameras

This type of technology used to be difficult for homeowners to afford and maintain, but now streaming cameras are quite easy to install and use. Live cameras will record anything that happens and you can often pair the stream with your phone or other device. Depending on the camera, this might record 24 hours a day, or it might turn on whenever it senses motion.

These cameras are often smaller and harder to notice. There is usually a monthly or yearly fee for recording and storing the videos.

Fake Cameras

Fake security cameras can actually be quite handy when used properly. These are often more affordable than live cameras, and they don’t require a monthly fee. You have probably seen these at many stores. Fake cameras look like real cameras, but they have a red light to draw attention to them. This makes people think they are being recorded, which can reduce the chances of someone actually stealing from you.

Infrared Cameras

Also known as night vision cameras, these cameras used infrared lights that make low-light recordings visible. You’ll be able to see people coming towards your garage. You should be able to make out the details of their face as well, which can be helpful if someone tries to break into your garage.