Top Accessories to Add to Your Garage Door

The garage door is a feature that should be cared for over time to maintain its function, appearance, and appeal. Homeowners who are looking to increase the quality of the product can take a few steps to make it more attractive and even safer to use each day. Here are a few of the top accessories to add to your garage door this season with the help of a pro.

Air Screen

It’s common for different types of pets and insects to find their way into the garage when it’s partially or fully open each season. With the use of an air screen, it can protect the space from being infested by critters, which can help you to avoid clean-ups later on. Air screens are also useful for keeping out animals or small critters like mice that can leave behind droppings. The product can allow the garage door to continue to operate well but will be a tool that is an extra layer of security.

Simulated Windows

Simulated windows can be added to garage doors for added detail that boosts the visual appeal of the feature and makes it look attractive. The windows will also allow natural light into the building. Garage doors tend to look bland due to the lack of details they include, which makes installing windows an option for those who want to boost the curb appeal of their home. The windows include an opaque tint that offers privacy and a touch of beauty to the property.

Sensor Guards

Photo-eye sensors are a standard part that is found on most garage doors and are used as a safety feature that detects objects or people that are in the path of the door as it opens and closes. Sensor guards can be purchased to increase the garage door’s security and prevent excess wear and tear from forming on the sensors over time. With sensor guards, you can reduce the risk of garage door service orange county that may be needed in the future.