Garage doors have a spring on each side of the door, and the spring is there to help balance the weight of the door as it is opened and closed. The springs must be in perfect balance for the door to operate properly and for the safety of people and property.

The Importance of Balancing the Springs of Your Garage Door

Each garage door is outfitted with two springs, one on either side of the door. The springs are under high tension when the door is closed. Each time the door moves, the springs must adjust in order to balance the door’s weight. In order to work properly, the springs must be in balance. Keep in mind these three reasons why balancing the garage door springs is important. If you notice that the springs are out of balance, call for repair of your garage in Orange County.

Even Movement

The balance of the springs ensures even movement of your garage door. If one spring is loose, that side of the garage door will move at a different speed. This leads to excessive wear and a lot of noise during the opening and closing process.


An out of balance garage door could come down without warning. This is because a loose spring may suddenly come off its brackets or crack, causing the door to crash down. Balancing the garage door and maintenance of the springs helps to ensure that the door operates as safely as possible. Balancing the springs also ensures that the door operates at a safe speed.


A properly balanced garage door experiences less wear and tear. The shaking and jerking of an off-balance door can wear out the door’s wheels and cause the tracks to warp. It also causes the motor to work harder. This can lead to the need to replace the automatic opener sooner than expected. The door itself may also need to be replaced earlier than its expected lifespan because of the excess wear and tear. Keeping the door’s springs properly balanced helps to extend the lifespan of the door and its opener.