Protecting Your Garage Doors from the Sun

Many types of garage repair in Long Beach involve the wear and tear that occurs due to sunlight. Sun damage eats away at paint and other protective coatings and eventually the materials underneath that they were meant to protect. Fortunately, there are steps that homeowners can take to mitigate the effects from the sun and extend material life.

Choose Paints and Stains with UV Inhibitors

Among the best ways to protect your garage doors is to opt for sealants and other protective coatings that have UV inhibitors built in. This is an option when purchasing prefinished doors, such as metal. You can also choose paints and stains that have these agents. These agents block a significant portion of ultraviolet rays, which extends coating life and thus material life as well.

Select Lighter Colors

In addition, you should choose the lightest color or colors that complement your home. Darker colors attract and hold more heat. This heat buildup breaks down paints and stains over time. As those coatings break down, so do the materials underneath.

Wash Your Doors Seasonally

An advantage of ultraviolet light is that it has an antibacterial agent that kills and prevents mildew and other types of growth. Using UV inhibitors will reduce this effect and make this kind of growth more likely. It’s important to stay out in front of it by cleaning your garage doors proactively. Ideally, you should clean your doors with water and detergent after each season.

Consider an Awning

Awnings for garage doors are quite trendy because they let homeowners turn their driveways into recreational areas that can be enjoyed without the sun beating right down on you. They also have the side benefit of giving the garage doors shade, and you can extend them enough to protect the doors fully without blocking access to vehicles.