Tips for Avoiding Costly Garage Door Repairs

The garage door can open and close thousands of times over the years when residents in the home use it to access sporting equipment or when using a vehicle. Over time, the parts can begin to wear down or become damaged due to age and a lack of care. If you want to avoid costly repairs that are out of your budget, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Invest in Quality Parts

Expect to pay more if you purchase a cheap garage door that is the lowest price you could find. Materials that cost less are not as durable and can wear down faster than hard-wearing parts. Research the best brands and use an installation company that has good reviews online and is a part of an association. Hiring someone that charges a low rate can mean that they cut corners and don’t offer a good warranty.

Clean and Lubricate the Parts

Make it a point to clean the garage door’s parts every few months to keep it running well and avoid potential issues. Before cleaning the parts, disconnect it and use a lithium-based garage door spray after vacuuming the tracks. Thoroughly spray the rollers, springs, bearing plates, hinges, the lock, and the top rail. The chain does not need to be lubricated because it has a natural protectant.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Hire a professional to inspect the parts to determine if there are any issues present and perform Orange County garage door repair. Over 300 moving parts are used to keep the garage door running, making it necessary to leave it to an expert who knows how to make any adjustments that may be needed and can spot potential problems. They may also replace the batteries and test the garage door sensors to ensure that the safety features are working well. An annual inspection can prevent minor issues from becoming more severe and will save money over time.