Everything You Want to Know About Sectional Garage Doors

There are many types of garage doors, but sectional doors are the most popular. When searching for Orange County garage installation, you will most likely encounter a lot of options involving sectional garage doors. Knowing some important points about these types of garage doors can prepare you for the vast choices you’ll have to choose from. Here are three points to keep in mind.

They Stand Up Well to Weather

When compared to a single-panel garage door, a sectional garage door is better in extreme weather. If a single-panel garage door is damaged, the whole door is damaged. However, in sectional doors, the damage may occur on just one panel which means you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to replace an entire door.

Sectional Doors Can Save Space

Traditional, single-panel garage doors swing open which means that you can’t pull your car all the way up to the door. Sectional doors roll up, so they don’t take up that extra space in your driveway. Once they’re rolled up, they’re hoisted in the air, so they don’t even get in your way once rolled up.

Sectional Garage Doors Can Be Expensive

If you’re looking to build a garage on a budget, you’re probably not going to opt for a sectional door. These doors are expensive, but some of them are in lower price ranges depending on the type of material you use. A fiberglass sectional door would cost a lot less than a steel sectional garage door.