Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement: What’s Right for You?

For minor issues like a garage door opener that won’t work or cracked or broken weather sealant, opting for Irvine, CA, garage door repair is a no-brainer since problems like this are easily correctable. But what if you are dealing with shabby parts, squeaky sections, or unsightly damage that’s fairly widespread? With situations like this, you’ll likely find yourself weighing your repair vs. replacement options. Here’s what you should keep in mind when making this decision.

Consider the Extent of Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage – e.g., chipped paint, a cracked panel, or fading – is the most common type of garage door damage. This is the type of damage that primarily affects appearance but not performance. With cosmetic issues, it’s usually more cost-effective to opt for Irvine garage door repair. However, if your door is older and there some functional repairs that need to be made as well, garage door replacement could give you a better return on your investment.

Consider the Extent of Structural Damage

If you accidentally ding or dent a panel on your garage door, this is the type of structural damage that can usually be repaired. However, if you have a garage door opening system that’s making a lot of noise and not allowing your door to fully close or open, the decision to repair or replace will depend on the extent of the issue. For instance, if the problem is the torsion springs or the opener itself but everything else is just fine, you may be better off with repairs. But if your garage door isn’t performing well in many ways and it’s not sufficiently keeping out moisture or securely locking, it may be time to explore your options with a garage door that’s more efficient.

Consider Your Home’s Other Exterior Features

Lastly, factor in how well your garage door fits in with your home’s other exterior features. Garage door repair in Irvine is typically a better option if you have a newer door with a few minor issues but it still complements or enhances your home’s exteriors fairly well. Replacement tends to be worth considering if problems are extensive and you have a garage door that’s older and no longer doing all that much to help your home’s curb appeal, security, and value.