Adding Windows to Garage Doors: What You Need to Consider

Windows are an optional aspect of garage doors that really enhance aesthetics not just for the door but the home overall. A popular home design trend, for instance, is to match the front door with the garage door. If you don’t currently have windows but want them, then investing in a new garage door is certainly an option. But what if your doors are relatively new? Here’s what you should know about adding them post-installation.

Try Before You Buy

There are a number of manufacturers that sell garage door windows for their own garage doors as well as doors made by other companies. More than a handful of these brands offer online tools where you can upload a photo of your home and add the various window options virtually. This is a great way to see what the windows will look like before you commit to them.


There are no hard and fast rules to what your windows should look like. Choose the windows you feel best complement your home. However, if you front door has windows, then a helpful guideline is to ensure that the new windows you choose match or complement those.

Practical Considerations

Weathertightness and insulation are important considerations in order to maintain your home’s energy efficiency. The windows should have an R-rating at least equal to the door. You should also consider privacy and security. Experts recommend tinting or frosting, which still allow for ample natural lighting but keep prying eyes from getting a look at your valuables.


Be mindful of the weight you are adding. Your garage door opener is calibrated for a particular weight. You need to determine what the viable range is. If you exceed that range, then you may need to have your system adjusted or even replaced.