Why You Should Consider an Upgrade for Your Garage Door

There are several good reasons to install a new garage door, starting with safety and property value. Reducing energy consumption is another reason to upgrade your garage door.

Benefits of a New Model Garage Door

Garage doors that are manufactured today offer great insulating efficiency than in the past. If your garage door is more than 10 years old, it may be leaking indoor warmth or coolness and causing your heating or air conditioning to overwork. When these systems overwork, they not only use too much energy, the components wear out quicker and result in costly repairs.

Cutting Edge Technology in Garage Doors

Today, many garage doors have battery backup if for any reason there is a power outage when you need to open or close the door. Electronics is a big part of the functioning of new doors, including opening or closing the door from your smartphone. Even if you are on vacation and need to let a friend or family member into your house, you can control it with your phone.

There is also the belt drive, which is quieter and smoother than the screw or chain drives of old.

Safety features include lasers that stop the door from closing if a child or pet gets in the way. Lasers are also used to designate the exact spot when you can stop pulling into your garage. Many different styles and materials including glass were not available even a few years ago. Today, you have a huge selection of designs to upgrade or harmonize with the front of your house.

Style Is Important

With the wide variety of design for garage doors today, you have many options for curb appeal. You may prefer more glass for a modern look or a ranch style door for a rustic or casual look. The aesthetic appeal is important to add value to your home.