What Does The Color of Your Garage Door Say About Your Home?

If your garage door is looking tired or you need garage door repair in Orange County, consider changing the color for a fresh new look. When deciding what garage door shades to go for, it is important to consider what the color of the door says about you. Selecting a bold garage door color can show the world your unique style. Further, choosing a unique color can bring attention to your house, increasing the curb appeal for all passersby. So, what does the color of your garage door say about you?


Green garage door shades can be a powerful statement about your lifestyle and interests, depending on the shade. A light kelly green is a fun way of demonstrating to the world that you enjoy nature and care about the environment. If long walks through nature are your go-to pastime, consider coating your door with a fun and whimsical shade of light green.

Dark green can send a completely different message to the world. If you adhere to a masculine sense of style or enjoy hunting and fishing, a dark green shade might be the best for you. If you enjoy the thrill of tracking a 12-point buck or hooking a big-mouth bass, look for a deep hunter green to accent your garage door.


Red is perhaps the most whimsical shade for a garage door. It shows the world your love for fun and adventure. But much like green, the specific shade of red can tell a passerby a lot about your personality.

If you are the type of person that spends all year yearning for Christmas, consider a deep rich auburn for your garage door. This not only looks beautiful but is a wonderful backdrop to holiday decorations. Alternatively, if you prefer the warmth of spring to the chill of winter, look for a spring-time light red to compliment the front of your home.


If you want to show the world that you are an optimistic dreamer, look to painting your door blue. Nothing shows the world your pension for fun-loving optimism like numerous panels of a fetching sky blue.

But what if you spend your time dreaming of the sea or cruising on the water? A richly colored navy blue door can show the world your love of all things maritime while simultaneously adding curb appeal and value to your home.