Upcoming California Law Calls for Garage Door Opener Battery Backups

Every garage door opener in Long Beach has to include battery backups in California after July 1, 2019. We’re here today to give you the best help in understanding this new law on backup batteries in Long Beach garage door openers.

What’s the Basis for This New Garage Opener Law?

The news and all social media outlets have been exhibiting California’s wildfires and how old of control they’ve been getting for many years. The hot winds mixed with dry weather pushes the humidity down. This dries out the forests. With only one lightning strike, a controlled burn that doesn’t stay maintained from a careless camper, an insignificant fire turns into an enormous wildfire destroying anything in its path.

People Are Getting Stuck Inside Their Homes

Unfortunately, homes have been in the path of these large wildfires. The Sacramento Bee published how at least 5 people perished because of being trapped in their garage and being unable to open their garage door through a power outage created by the fires. Governor of California, Jerry Brown, decided to take direct actions and proposed the law to demand that new garage door openers use a backup battery in Long Beach.

What’s a Garage Opener Backup Battery?

A battery backup is utilized for a Long Beach garage door if there’s a power outage. This lets your garage door opener keep working with no need to open your garage door manually. The battery backup can either be mounted on top of the opener or in your garage door opener’s motor housing. This depends on the purchased model.

How Will Older Garage Door Openers Work?

The law put into place in California only demands that Long Beach garage door repair and new doors have a backup battery. You can still get a backup battery put into your old garage door opener. Depending on how big the battery is, they range roughly from $60-$100.