Huntington beach garage door repairThe 5 Longest-Lasting Garage Door Materials

Garage doors are available in different materials, with each material varying according to durability. When going about your shopping activities, it is always important to have options that you can choose from whenever you are spoilt for choice, and garage doors have not been left out.

However, with so many options to choose from, settling on the right garage door can be overwhelming sometimes if you have inadequate information and no experience. The most common materials used to make garage doors include wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood composite. These materials have different maintenance levels and are suitable under different climatic conditions.

The following is a detailed article on the right longest-lasting material that is suitable for your garage door for you to have the most durable garage doors.

1. Steel

No material is more commonly used on garage doors than steel. The main reason for choosing steel is its durability, requires little maintenance, and is worth your money. If you are working on a budget and are looking for an affordable alternative, steel is the perfect material for you.

Steel is a poor heat conductor hence aids in saving energy with top quality steel doors being able to withstand impact. The lower the gauge number, the thicker it is likely to be when it comes to steel. Some of the advantages of using steel for your garage door are:

● It is reasonably priced.
● Steel requires little maintenance.
● Steel is available in a variety of styles depending on your preference.
● It can be painted, and some are available in textures that closely mimic wood.

Low-cost steel garage doors are often termed as a temporary solution and may require repair and maintenance every now and then. This is why you need to settle for mid-level or top-quality doors that stand up well to intentional or unintentional impact.

2. Wood

A wood garage door offers a unique style hence enhancing the look of your home and offering top-notch security. Traditional and high-valued homes opt to settle for a wooden garage door because of the aesthetic look, which can potentially increase your home’s value. Wood is a renewable source and eco-friendly, available in different styles and designs, and has customization options.

Some of the pros of wood include:

● It is beautiful with a rustic look.
● Wood is a natural insulator and has multiple overlay designs.
● It can be field-stained and customized to attain the desired look.
● Wood is heavy and offers quality security for your home.

However, wood garage doors are expensive to purchase, install and maintain because of their sensitivity to the environment, especially during humid conditions. Without proper maintenance, wood garage doors tend to chip, warp or rot. To last longer, wood requires maintenance such as sanding and painting, which increases its durability and appearance.

3. Fiberglass

Many homeowners often overlook fiberglass, which mimics the grain texture of refined wood. However, fiberglass is ideal for homeowners living in humid areas compared to wood because it does not warp or chip. It is available in designs such as overlay carriage houses and raised panels which come in handy in sprucing up the appearance of your home. Fiberglass is the perfect fit if you want a low-maintenance and economical alternative.

It is semi-transparent, allowing for natural light penetration inside your garage. However, fiberglass is not a good material for windy coastal areas because the wind damages it and evokes a noise that may be irritating to many homeowners. Also, fiberglass must be entirely replaced in case of damage which may prove to be expensive if you are working on a budget. Fiberglass is ideal because:

● Requires little or no maintenance
● Easy to lift thanks to its lightweight nature
● Allows sunlight penetration inside your garage
● Cheaper and longer lasting than wood

4. Aluminum

Aluminum shares some attributes with wood garage doors because of their long-lasting finishes and the optional faux wood texture. Homeowners looking for a less-sophisticated precision garage door often settle for aluminum because it is light, thus easy to lift using a door opener, and does not rust. However, aluminum garage doors can dent upon impact and are expensive compared to steel.

Aluminum garage doors do not rust and are a long-term preference for coastal and humid areas. Huntington Beach garage door repair and installation services are always a phone call away if you live around Huntington and require garage door services.

Some of the disadvantages of aluminum garage doors are:

● They dent easily hence requiring proper handling and maintenance.
● They are difficult to customize.
● They are less durable under extreme weather conditions.

Aluminum can be incorporated together with glass to offer a contemporary and eye-catching look due to various design applications. Also, they can be customized to suit your precise vision.

5. Wood Composite

Wood composite garage doors are made from recycled wood fibers and have the looks and texture of polished wood. This material is eco-friendly and requires little maintenance with more resistance to destructive elements. The main components of a wood composite garage door are plastic, wood fiber, and a binding agent such as glue. The benefits of wood composite garage doors include:

● They are an eco-friendly alternative.
● They require extremely low maintenance compared to other types of garage door materials.
● Wood composite is naturally resistant to harsh weather and insects and does not rot.
● They are durable because they are a mixture of different materials.

They are environmentally friendly because they are manufactured from sustainable and recycled materials and can be molded into the desired shape because of their pliable nature. Wood composite is suitable for homeowners looking for a woody look without using actual wood.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right garage door material has a lot to do with your budget, car and home security needs, and demographics. Orange County garage door services are the best for installation and repair services. They offer top-tier services, but they also have experienced and friendly staff who are more than skillful in their work. Irvine garage door repair services in California offer the best advice on the right garage door material in your home, depending on the weather and your budget. Check them out for an outstanding experience.

Behind each long-lasting garage door is the material used to manufacture it. When deciding on a material, it is best to consider where you live so that you don’t have to go through maintenance every time due to harsh climatic conditions.