3 Options for UV-Resistant Garage Door Technology

Garage doors serve both an important aesthetic and functional duty for your home. Covering a large opening to your house while also being a large part of the outer area, it’s tasked with doing a lot for a little. Like anything that spends its days outside, however, it is constantly buffeted by ultraviolet light from the sun. While this may not sound too dangerous, constant UV exposure can wear out a garage door and cause it to look fairly unattractive. If you want to keep that from happening, here are three options for UV-resistant garage door technology you can try out.

UV-Resistant Reflective Paint

Paint is more than just a visual tool for homes. It serves a crucial function in protecting them from the elements, too. In particular, reflective paints can help to protect garage doors from UV exposure thanks to the simple fact that they reflect much of the sunlight hitting them. They don’t have to be shiny enough to be seen from space, but just like how a polished metal tank leads to less evaporation for the things inside, reflective garage doors mean less exposure to ultraviolet light.

Protective Film

Applying a protective film or coating to your doors and windows helps to cut down on the amount of UV light absorbed by them. Similar to polarized glasses, these coatings deflect the rays away to cut down on the amount of damage they do to the surfaces they’re hitting. If your garage doors don’t already have these, you can likely contact a Long Beach garage door repair service to have them added.


If your garage doors are made from wood, varnish can be a good way to protect them from damage. Varnish, especially the kind used for boats, is ultraviolet-light-resistant. This has to be the case given how much the hull of a ship is bombarded with light from the sky and reflected off the water. Sanding down a garage door and coating it with varnish helps to keep UV rays from wearing it down and also secures it against the elements.