Ensuring Orange County Garage Door Tech Service Is Pet Safe

The technology and service that makes garage doors more efficient to operate has made several advances. The only concern is ensuring that your pets do not let their curiosity of that tech get the best of them. One way to keep your pets safe is to consult with a garage door service Orange County professional.

Here are three ways you can ensure you have pet-safe garage door technology.

Install a Pet Door

The most important thing to remember about your pets is that they are unpredictable. There are a number of videos floating around social media circles that show cats can open all types of doors and that dogs can reach up high to get what they want. When it comes to the garage, installing a pet door gives them easy in and out access. The goal is to let them go about their business without getting distracted by the components that make the door of your garage operate.

Protect Garage Door Parts

Animals cannot help being curious. It is their nature because before they were domesticated, they had to live by their wits. So, to keep the tech that makes your garage door operate, protect it. A professional can help you add coverings that will make the components less enticing.


Once pet-safe garage door technology has been installed, it has to be tested. While you do not want to draw your pet’s attention to the new contraptions, you want to figure it out if the tech will attract your pet’s focus immediately or not. Any other modifications made to the door of your garage in Orange County that could pose a safety-risk to your pets should be tested, too.

There is no denying that technology makes the operation of a door for your garage easier. With your newfound ease, however, you also have to think about the safety of your pets.