Fire-Resistant Garage Doors

3 Reasons Why Fire-Resistant Garage Doors Matter

Fire-resistant garage doors are a must, especially in drier areas with a higher chance of natural disasters, and they come with a variety of great benefits that keep your entire family and your home safer. Here are three excellent reasons why you should consider updating your home’s garage door to a fire-resistant option.

Increases Time

Fire-resistant or fire-rated garage doors may significantly increase the time you have to get your family to safety. These sturdy doors are made of thick steel that comes with various levels of resistance in a layered design. Insulation between each level of steel helps to provide more firefighting protection that slows down the rate at which fire could penetrate your garage door, giving you more time to get clear of the fire.

Prevents Fire From Spreading

A garage door’s ability to prevent a fire from spreading rapidly depends on the thickness of the steel within your garage door. You should consider a garage door with three layers of steel and insulation to provide the most fire resistance. Polyurethane insulation tends to be a better insulator than Styrofoam, keeping heat at bay for longer since the material itself is heat-resistant.

Fire-Resistant Garage Doors Reduce Smoke

Fire-resistant garage doors have an additional layer of exterior protection provided by a resin coating that creates a barrier between the door and flames. This coating reduces the amount of billowing smoke that occurs when a fire intensifies. Less smoke means there is a lower chance of your family being affected by smoke inhalation as you make your way to safety. Garage repair in Long Beach offers a variety of services and products to help keep you, your family and your home safe.