3 Conveniences Garage Door Repair and Smartphone Tech Offer

If you are someone who carries their smartphone everywhere you go, one more thing it can do for you with the tap of a button is to operate your garage door. Professionals who specialize in Anaheim garage door repair can guide you through your options.

In the meantime, here are three conveniences smartphone garage door technology offers you.


Technology is getting smarter. Every new version of an application or device is improved based on the feedback consumers give from the last version. If you combine technology with the mechanism that opens the door of your garage, you can set up alerts. Once the proper equipment has been installed, you download and customize the corresponding app on your smartphone. Then, you can set up alerts. If someone needs access, an alert is sent to you, and you can grant or deny. If you left the door open, an alert can be sent to you as well.


It is very easy to forget to close the door of your garage in Anaheim. If this is something that happens to you often, with the use of your smartphone and technology, you can setup a timer. When the garage door tech senses that it has been left open more than 15 minutes, for example, it will close itself. You decide how you want the timer to operate.

Electronic Eyes

Caution does have to be exercised if you are going to program the door of your garage to close on a timer. This is why smartphone tech also includes electronic eyes. The electronic eyes for the door of a garage operate in a similar manner as the rear sensor of a car. If the door is about to close, but it senses someone or something in its vicinity, it will stop the motion.

Those who are interested in learning more about smartphone garage door technology can always consult with a garage door repair professional in the area, including Anaheim.