Three Innovations in Garage Door Technology

Your garage door is one of the most important security measures in your home. Think about it, you probably store more valuable items in there than you realize, including your automobile. It seems like people have been using the same point-and-click garage door openers since the 1980s, but that is starting to change.

It feels like industry technology in the garage door market stayed completely the same for years, then changed almost instantly. Do you feel like you’re still living in the dark ages when it comes to your garage? If you do, check out these three major innovations in technology when it comes to garage doors.

Rolling Codes

Rolling codes are a new and important safety measure that is starting to become standard practice with new garage door opener systems. The remote sends a signal via microchip to the opener. This signal has a code that tells the door to either open or close.

Now, a new code is generated each time the controller is used, hence the term “rolling code”. Because the programmed code in the chip is constantly revolving, it is much harder for potential criminals to get it and gain access to your garage. This safety measure will be included with any new garage door system. If you are interested in this technology, contact a professional for garage repair Long Beach .

Smartphone Apps

The smartphone has completely revolutionized the way garage doors work. Now, you can check on your garage via camera when you are away. You can also open or close it regardless of where you are in the world as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi. Most systems will have sensors installed around the area that can sense if there is something moving in there that shouldn’t be. It will also alert you if your door opens or closes when you didn’t activate it.

Vacation System

The time when your home is most vulnerable is when you are away for an extended period of time on vacation. Garage doors now have something called “vacation mode”. You can program your system with the dates that you won’t be in the home. Once it is programmed, it will not open or close for any reason during that time. This is true even if the proprietary opener with the correct code is used on it.

As you can see, garage doors have a come a long way since the chain-operated versions from the 1980s. They are now an integral part of your home security system. Take advantage of one of these innovations to further secure your home.