Ideas to Turn Your Garage into a Dual-Purpose Space

Do you have a large garage? Why not renovate it for dual purposes? There are numerous ways you can clean up and redesign this valuable space for vehicle parking and other uses. With some clever planning, a few supplies, and some innovative features, you can create an inviting space for various members of your family. Bear in mind, there are a wide range of garage door options available to you. If your two-car or larger garage has only one main door that opens to reveal the entire garage, it’s easy to change that with our Orange County garage installation services.

Home Office

If your home is overrun with kids, guests, pets or other distractions, you may pine for a quiet space to work, away from it all. Grab a wall in your garage and get started. Shelving, cabinetry, and a desk are some of the required basics. A paint job can make a world of difference, and you might consider replacing the flooring. Carpeting can add warmth and dampen noise. If you want to really invest in this renovation, consider adding a window for light and contracting a professional to address heating and cooling requirements.

Kid’s Activity Area or Playroom

There’s another way to get some of the peace and quiet you crave. You stay in the house and send the kids out to the garage. Tailor the area to the age and interests of your kids. Are they into movies, books, video games? A TV is probably a safe bet. You can also foster their creative side with a giant chalkboard. Just paint one of the walls with some blackboard paint from your nearest home improvement store. Invest in some shelving for their gear and pick up some bean bags or comfy chairs for lounging. Be sure to include a trash can and storage bins to encourage organization and clean-up.

Man Cave

The sky’s the limit with this option. It should be driven by your tastes, interests, and desired investment. The important thing is to create a personal space that allows you to relax and express yourself. Insulation is helpful if you plan to spend evenings in your space. Be sure to paint before you hang your memorabilia. Bring in some furniture to lounge in while you hang out with your buddies, and consider investing in a mini-fridge. Those are a few basic suggestions, but you’re the real architect of this re-design.