Three Ways Rain Gutters Impact Your Garage Door’s Performance

Although Irvine has mostly mild weather, there are times of the year when rain and wind can be expected. Because the majority of the days in the area are dry, many homes are not outfitted with rain gutters. If your garage does not have rain gutters and the door does not operate well during or after a rain storm, it is important to arrange for a prompt garage door repair in Irvine to fix the problem.

Prevent Puddles on the Ground

When there are no rain gutters, puddles on the ground where the garage door meets the concrete or asphalt can cause premature deterioration of the door’s weather stripping and seal. When the weather stripping and seal start to crack and fall apart, the door may have a shorter lifespan. The interior of the garage may get hotter and have more dirt and dust infiltration, affecting the functioning of the door’s opener.

Stop Door Jams

Rain that gets into the body of a wooden garage door may cause the wood to swell. Swollen wood may no longer slide properly on the tracks of the garage door opener. When you try to open or close the garage door after a heavy rain that has caused wood to swell, the door could jam open or closed, or it could get stuck on the tracks.

Avoid a Frozen Door

On a cold night, leftover moisture after a rain could freeze into ice crystals and cause your garage door to freeze shut. Puddles at the bottom of the garage door could also freeze, causing the door to stick to the driveway or concrete foundation of the garage. Having the garage technicians install rain gutters and keep them clean helps to prevent frozen doors.