Why Doesn’t My Garage Door Work?

It’s always a pain when your residential garage door doesn’t operate as it should. While you might want to fix the problem yourself, you should usually leave the repair jobs to the Orange County garage installation experts. While you should call in the pros for a repair job, it still helps to do some of your footwork to figure out why your garage door isn’t working.

Are My Garage Door Tracks Aligned Correctly?

For your garage door to move, its tracks have to be properly aligned. You have a problem on your hands if you see any gaps between the rails and rollers, or any bends in the rail. The weight of your garage door can make the issue worse until it gets to a point where operating your door becomes a dangerous prospect.

If you find that your door won’t move due to alignment issues, then you should not try to repair the problem yourself. Your garage repair technician has the proper equipment to realign your door. If your garage door tracks get to a point where it’s beyond repair, your technician will install brand new ones for you.

Are My Garage Door Springs Broken?

If your garage door will not go up and you’re sure that the transmitters and the motor work, you might have broken springs. When the springs break on your garage door, you’ll hear a thunderous banging noise. The bang comes from the heavy weight of the door.

Your garage door will come with either one or two springs. If one or both springs get damaged, the door may not work at all. If your garage door spring breaks, call a professional as springs are dangerous to work with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t open your garage door until a technician comes and replaces the springs. Garage door springs don’t have a long shelf life. Therefore, they will need to get replaced after a period.

Call In The Professionals As Soon As Possible

If you don’t know what’s causing your garage door to have problems, call your local garage repair technician as soon as possible. You could experience grave injuries if you attempt to fix certain parts of your garage door yourself. Garage repair professionals have the knowledge and expertise to fix the tracks and springs safely and efficiently.